Australia’s Leading Innovators in Equipment Condition Monitoring and Hydraulic Tamping

System 7 is at the forefront of pioneering innovation to improve equipment reliability and efficiencies whilst extending service intervals and reducing lifecycle costs to achieve Ultimate Performance. Through innovations into real time equipment condition monitoring, System 7 is changing the way equipment managers monitor and manage their maintenance schedules.

With revolutionary developments such as the introduction of a new hydraulic pressure controlled tamping system, System 7 is leading the way in modern rail technology advancement. This combined with our expansion into asset monitoring and management devices, our products are revolutionising the rail, construction, transport and agricultural industries across Australia.

Our range boasts some of the most technologically advanced and intuitive products seen in the industry, developed by a team of experts with an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Discover System 7 and unearth new frontiers.


RaVeM is a web-based equipment monitoring system delivering real time data on the location.

Real-time equipment monitoring


System 7 is revolutionising rail infrastructure in Australia with the introduction of a new fully hydraulic, universal tamping system.

A new era in hydraulic tamping

Oil Manager

Oil Manager ensures your equipment is running at peak performance by automatically checking and topping up engine oil to keep it at optimum levels

Monitoring your hydraulic oil

Oil Quality System

Fluid Property Sensor is the latest highly flexible and cost effective technology in oil condition monitoring.

Monitoring Your Oil Condition

Fuel Monitor

Fuel Monitor delivers an unprecedented amount of data about your engine’s performance and fuel consumption.

Keep On The Pulse Of Your Fuel Consumption

Axle Hub

Axle Hub monitors bearing temperatures whilst allowing the powering of condition monitoring equipment.

Monitoring Data in Unpowered Vehicles

The System 7 Australia team are experts on the varied and flexible uses of our products across a range of industries. To find out how we can help you Drive Ultimate Performance, contact us through our online enquiry form.

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