About System7

Our Vision

System 7 aim to be Australia’s leading manufacturer of innovative new rail and condition monitoring technologies that aim to increase equipment efficiency, minimise life cycle costs and Drive Ultimate Performance.

Our Mission

System 7 continue to challenge boundaries and create tailored, intuitive technologies relevant to increasing the productivity of Australia’s major rail, mining, defence, transport, agricultural, marine and fixed plant industries.

Led By A Team Of Experts In The Field

System 7 consists of a team with vast amounts of experience across a variety of disciplines, bringing together a wealth of knowledge to create a range of leading products to many vital Australian sectors.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, our products are developed to withstand the harshest conditions, and are extensively quality tested to assure their suitability for the Australian environment.


How Do We Do It?

In order to Drive Ultimate Performance we think in terms of systems. Every component of the system is an integral part of the whole. The strength of the system is dependent upon the quality of each individual component and their interaction with one another.

We take the individual components, analyse how they interact with one another, and create new, groundbreaking solutions designed to optimise the performance of each component and the system as a whole.

The Bottom Line

Our aim is to deliver intuitive, flexible products that:

  • Are at the forefront of new technology
  • Are backed by scientific evidence
  • Are of the highest quality
  • Are sustainable

That together will:

  • Minimise equipment life cycle costs
  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Maximise efficiency and
  • Deliver Ultimate Performance