Logistical Planning Made Simple

When operating in dangerous and volatile situations, you need confidence in your vehicles and equipment. System 7 has developed a range of products to ensure the dependability and efficiency of your equipment when in the field designed to avoid emergency situation triggered by equipment failure and substandard communication systems.

Our advanced systems ensure that your equipment is keeping up to the task of operating in the harshest of conditions, and provide effective feedback mechanisms to home base, allowing you to plan critical service requirements without enduring any downtime.

Our products aim to ensure ultimate performance, creating more efficient and reliable systems that allows for effective resource allocation and forward logistical planning.


In the field, real time condition-monitoring information is key. Your team relies on it. System 7’s web-based RaVeM system gives you access to all your equipment information including location, condition and performance, when you want it, from any device on hand. Access to real time data allows you to manage the logistics of equipment availability, transport, transfers, refueling and oil top ups, allowing planned condition-based maintenance.

Real Time Alerts

RaVeM sends automatic alerts to designated personnel in the event of equipment failure or major issues to enable immediate action. The alert system is 100% configurable for issues such as when:

Secure Portal For Peace Of Mind

Security of information is paramount with password protected system featuring reliable back ups to ensure your information is 100% secure. The RaVeM database keeps a handy detailed vehicle history for future review.

RaVeM can be used as a secure standalone condition monitoring system tailored to specific security protocols or integrated into an existing system ensuring total security of data.

  • Fuel levels drop
  • Oil levels are low
  • Worrying consumption trends
  • Oil has become contaminated and needs changing
  • Machine has left a specified area or
  • Level 3 OEM fault detected.


The System 7 Oil Quality System is the latest highly flexible and cost effective technology in oil condition monitoring, delivering real time monitoring of the condition of any lubricating oil.

The Oil Quality System is a condition-based monitoring solution that is over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination that any other sensor on the market.

It provides real time data feedback on the in service condition of your oil, giving you a full 360° view of your oil’s performance.


The sensor continually sends information back to System 7’s online database RaVeM, which contains unique algorithms to interpret the data and identify any potential equipment failures before a catastrophic failure occurs. Equipment patterns can be identified prior to a scheduled service allowing technicians to focus on potential problem areas.

RaVeM will continually track the condition of the oil and calculate the time remaining before an oil change is required. The System 7 Oil Quality System allows you to accurately predict when your next service is next due rather than working on machine hours.


Equipment operating in harsh conditions requires regular condition monitoring to ensure optimum operating levels.

Over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination than any other dielectric constant measuring sensor, the Fluid Property Sensor gives a full 360o view on your oil’s performance – capable of detecting even the smallest of changes in quality or contamination. With the ability to mount onto any existing machinery, the Fluid Property Sensor will enable you to plan oil changes ahead of time to minimise downtime in the field.

  • Optimum oil level at all times
  • No infiltration of water or dirt into the oil
  • No overfilling or shortage of oil
  • Increased service intervals
  • Higher reliability and availability of Diesel engines
  • Increased engine life cycle
  • Consumption and condition data across all operating conditions

Forward Planning With Fuel Consumption Tracking

System 7’s Fuel Monitor, equipped with GPS, GSM, sensors and data logging, continually measures the fuel level in your tank and transmits it to a server system for review. The system can be configured to communicate on any communications network giving total flexibility to perform in the most challenging conditions.

By knowing how your equipment is performing in the field is it possible to proactively plan your support logistics making sure essential supplies are in the right place at the right time according to the equipment’s needs.

It gives access to a host of information that will allow a thorough analysis of consumption trends including:

  • Operating modes and status of monitored vehicles
  • Utilisation
  • Fuel consumption and trends
  • Improper operation of vehicles
  • Fuel theft
  • GPS location and speed data