Rail – Rolling Stock

Reducing Life Cycle Costs

System 7‘s logic is simple.

Railways are a single system where each component has to perform to its ultimate capacity in order for the system to operate as a whole. Its strength is derived by the quality and reliability of its individual components and their interaction with one another.

It is from this foundation that System 7 has combined both time proven and new technologies to develop a range of products that work to improve the reliability of your rail system and reduce its life cycle costs.

RaVeM – Real Data in Real Time

Continual condition monitoring of your rail system with real time asset data will ensure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

RaVeM is System 7’s latest innovation – a web based equipment monitoring system delivering real time data on the location, condition and performance of your equipment at all times. The secure, password-protected, web-based platform means your information is securely stored and backed up and accessible when you need it most.

Whether you are on site or in the office, your asset data is available at your fingertips with System 7’s cloud-based RaVeM system.

A Proactive And Preventative System

RaVeM is more than just a condition-monitoring platform. It is an intelligent programme with integrated predictive algorithms capable of detecting patterns and trends and identifying a problem before failure occurs.

This intuitive system puts our clients on the front foot. By adopting this technology you are able to take a proactive and preventative role in your maintenance regime, as opposed to reacting once it’s too late.

Customisable Design And Usability Based On Your Needs

Our RaVeM system works independently or integrated with your existing system. It is so flexible you can choose to pair it with our Oil Quality System or integrate with your existing condition monitoring programme. The choice is yours.

Oil Condition Monitoring For Ultimate Performance

The System 7 Oil Quality System is the latest highly flexible and cost effective technology in oil condition monitoring, delivering real time monitoring of the condition of any lubricating oil.

The Oil Quality System is a condition-based monitoring solution that is over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination that any other sensor on the market.

It provides real time data feedback on the in service condition of your oil, giving you a full 360o view of your oil’s performance.


The sensor continually sends information back to System 7’s online database RaVeM, which contains unique algorithms to interpret the data and identify any potential equipment failures before a catastrophic failure occurs. Equipment patterns can be identified prior to a scheduled service allowing technicians to focus on potential problem areas.

RaVeM will continually track the condition of the oil and calculate the time remaining before an oil change is required. The System 7 Oil Quality System allows you to accurately predict when your next service is next due rather than working on machine hours.

Axle Hub

System 7 offers a generator to railway vehicles that are not electronically powered with the benefit of fitting within structural gauge.

The system:

  • Contains bearing temperature sensors
  • Is self-contained
  • Is self-powered
  • Is designed to fit on vehicle axles without causing any disruption or alteration to bogies.

Contains GPS and GSM antenna to provide real time data.


Oil Manager – Good Lubrication for peak performance

Time saved is money saved. Our Oil Manager takes the time-consuming task of unplanned engine oil top-ups off your hands in diesel locomotives and passenger trains. Ensuring optimum engine oil levels means no more diesel engine damage due to insufficient lubrication as our system continually maintains the oil levels.

Optimum Oil Levels And Consumption Data

Not only does our Oil Manager maintain oil levels but it monitors consumption trends and provides trend analysis of your usage. In addition, the Oil Quality System can be fitted to provide real time information on oil quality. Our system can detect contamination levels with an accuracy of 15PPM and can identify a broad spectrum of contaminates from fuel and water to carbon.


Equipped with GPS, GSM, sensors and data logging, System 7’s Fuel Monitor continually measures the fuel level in your tank and transmits it to your server system for review.

It gives you access to a host of information including:

  • Operating modes and status of monitored vehicles
  • Utilisation
  • Fuel consumption and trends
  • Improper operation of vehicles
  • Fuel theft
  • GPS location and speed data