Transport and Logistics

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power. So here at System 7, we have developed a range of products to give transport and logistics operators the edge with access to crucial asset data like never before.

We have developed a line of fully customisable products with our key focus of asset monitoring and management at the core.

Effective Fleet Management

Our aim to maximise your up time and minimise your downtime. Our products work to increase profitability through efficient and productive systems and eliminating unforeseen costs caused by lack of information and inefficient operating systems.


The System 7 Oil Quality System is the latest highly flexible and cost effective technology in oil condition monitoring, delivering real time monitoring of the condition of any lubricating oil.

The Oil Quality System is a condition-based monitoring solution that is over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination that any other sensor on the market.

It provides real time data feedback on the in service condition of your oil, giving you a full 360° view of your oil’s performance.


The sensor continually sends information back to System 7’s online database RaVeM, which contains unique algorithms to interpret the data and identify any potential equipment failures before a catastrophic failure occurs. Equipment patterns can be identified prior to a scheduled service allowing technicians to focus on potential problem areas.

RaVeM will continually track the condition of the oil and calculate the time remaining before an oil change is required. The System 7 Oil Quality System allows you to accurately predict when your next service is next due rather than working on machine hours.


Data can be read by qualified personnel giving fleet operators a host of valuable, real time and historical information including:

  • Fuel consumption rate and shift total
  • Work time vs idle time average and shift totals
  • Equipment speed and direction
  • Exact GPS location

The Operation Monitor is also a standalone alarm system that can trigger an alarm if fuel theft or unauthorised machine entry is detected.


System 7 has developed RaVeM – a web based equipment monitoring system delivering real time data on the location, condition and performance of your equipment at all times. RaVeM is a secure, password-protected web-based platform, meaning your information is securely stored and backed up whilst being accessible at all times on all devices, giving you real time data for real time equipment monitoring.


Keep all your maintenance logs in the one place with the benefit of a cloud-based maintenance and breakdown logbook system. The system automatically records all reported fault codes and events as well as the option to manually add logs downloaded from machine ECM.


Stay informed as equipment issues arise with the automatic alert system. RaVeM can be configured to send text or email alerts to multiple parties at your predetermined defined points such as when:

  • Fuel levels drop
  • Equipment has been turned off (to detect theft)
  • Oil has become contaminated and needs changing
  • Machine has left work area or
  • Level 3 OEM fault detected.

The alert system is 100% configurable to your requirements and can be changed at any time as system requirements change.

The OEM OBD2 port keeps track of other vehicle vitals ensuring nothing potentially damaging goes unnoticed.

Fuel Monitor – Keeping You Informed

Know what your vehicles are doing at any time in the day, or night with System 7’s Fuel Monitor.

Equipped with GPS, GSM, sensors and data logging, the Fuel Monitor measures the fuel filling level in the tank at regular intervals and transmits it to RaVeM for review giving you access to invaluable information including:

  • Operating modes and status of monitored vehicles
  • Fuel consumption and trends
  • Improper operation of vehicles
  • GPS location and speed data
  • Fuel theft
  • Vehicle speed
  • Utilisation
  • Driving trends

Clocked Off? No Worries

On top of monitoring your fleet whilst operational the monitoring system also keeps watch when everyone else has clocked off for the day. The Fuel Monitor can sound an alarm if fuel theft or unauthorised vehicle entry is detected and will send an instant alert to assigned parties.

OILManager – Staying Ahead Of Your Oil Consumption

System 7’s Oil Manager will take care of your oil checks and top ups whilst en route and measure engine oil levels to keep them at their optimum. Gone are the days of engine damage due to poorly managed oil levels. System 7’s Oil Manager will keep you on the front foot of your oil consumption.

Instant Oil Consumption Data

Data transmission is received via GSM for instant consumption analysis, meaning any deviations from your average consumption are immediately communicated via text or email, keeping you 100% informed.

The Oil Manager can be utilised on a wide range of equipment including trucks, busses, generator units or any piece of equipment with an oil system.