Improved Reliability

Reduced Maintenance

Significant Noise Reduction

Ballast Quality Reporting

System 7s hydraulic tamping system is revolutionising the rail infrastructure industry, with improved machine reliability, reduced maintenance costs and a significant noise reduction.

System 7s Hydraulic Tamping System

System 7s hydraulic tamping drive is the world’s first and only fully hydraulic workhead. Comprised of specially designed cylinders and valve assemblies, the new system replaces the rotating parts and bearing assemblies of conventional tamping drives.

By eliminating the large amount of moving parts associated with eccentric drives, the new hydraulic system results in:

  • Improved machine reliability
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Pressure Controlled Tamping

The tamping drive continually measures the hardness of the ballast and adjusts the frequency to ensure optimum insertion and reduced wear onthe machine frame.

The system will stop tamping when the required compaction has been achieved to:

  • Sufficient compaction was achieved and
  • Indication of areas where the ballast is substandard

No Vibration in the Upper Position

The lack of vibration in the upper position results in:

  • Less wear on the workheads (up to 40-60%)
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced wear on machine frame

Continually Adjustable Frequency

The hydraulic subsystem adjusts the frequency for ease of ballast penetration by calculating the optimum frequency for ballast conditions.

Once in the ballast and ready to tamp the frequency will always revert to35Hz for the tamping cycle.

Variable Opening Width and Adjustable Amplitude

The system features an adjustable and wider opening width of the tamping arms, dependent on ballast conditions to minimise unnecessary displacement of ballast.


The replacement of the traditional squeeze cylinders with a specially designed cylinder and valve assembly creates the ability to automatically adjust:

  • Squeeze pressure
  • Frequency and amplitude
  • Opening width


  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Significant operational cost savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • More efficient and accurate tamping work
  • Less wear on the workheads for improved durability
  • Ballast quality reporting
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Open source parts for greater availability
  • Reduced repair time and service costs

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